Soft Mould Technology

Over the years, Cosmatic has consolidated its expertise to become one of the leading companies in lipstick and lip balm moulding machines, standing out for its solutions’ high degree of flexibility and automation, supported by innovative patents that simplify the production process.

As well as guaranteeing excellent quality standards, Cosmatic offers customers the option of customising products, providing versatile and flexible solutions. In lipstick and lip balm production machines, it is fast and easy to change the colour and size.



The technologies are customisable to also enable filling of mini-lipstick, two-colour swirl or marbled lipstick, back-injection and moulding of different products in various types of containers. Moreover, the silicone moulds can be produced in any shape and with any type of logo using male stainless steel male moulds produced by the company and tested to perfectly fit the machines.