Lipstick moulding machine SM 2000 based on the silicone mould technology with auto-loader for empty bases and auto-loader for caps.

  • Complete with 1 or 2 melting tanks 35 litres, stand alone
  • Silicone moulds heating by infrared radiation, short wave (patented)
  • Dosing by means of doser with 2 gearing nozzles or volumetric doser
  • Pick and place, for the pick and place operation of 4 cases by means of grippers to the demoulding group
  • Demoulding by means of mechanical system without membranes (patented)
  • Cases store by means of rotating table
  • Easy and quick mould change
  • Fast colour change, moulds cleaning at colour change is not needed
  • Stick perfection, stick shapes and logo according to the customer’s requirements
  • Auto-loader for empty bases and auto-loader for caps are optionals

Technical data 

Output: up to 2400 pz/h
Operator: 1
Silicone Moulds: 160
Cooling System: -20° C