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Cosmetic machine SM Labo

This laboratory machine SM Labo is suitable to produce lipsticks by soft mould technology.

It is useful to prepare lipstick samples in laboratory in few minutes. In one hour it is possible to mould 100 lipsticks about.

::: Manufacturing in stainless steel.
::: The operation is manually made by Becher.
::: On request we can supply heating magnetic stirrer with temperature control by means of PT100, precision +/-1 °C.


Production: up to 100 lispticks/hour
Electric power: 1,5 kW
Air consumption: 20 NL/min
Dimension: 750 x 700 mm
Total height: 1735 mm
Working plane height: 900 mm

The equipment includes:
  • Heating system by infrared short wave (PATENTED), for 4 lipsticks. Temperature control of silicone moulds heating by means of infrared device +/-1°C.
  • Demoulding system for 1 lipstick
  • Cooling system, by air up to -20°C, for 16 lipsticks. The cooling temperature is controlled by PT100 device. No water consumption
  • Electric panel touch screen 5” with PLC
  • 20 silicone moulds, standard shape