Lipstick Machine S 2000N (belt conveyor)

The lipstick machine S 2000N is composed of a rotating table with 40 stations and 160 moulds (each station contains 4 silicone moulds).
Version with belt conveyor on store side.
Production: up to 2000 pieces/hour with one operator..
Technological working cycle:

  • Silicone moulds heatig (PATENTED).
  • Dosing system by means of doser with 2 gearing nozzles or volumetric doser.
  • Cooling by forced air circulation temperature up to -20 °C. Automatic defrosting.
  • Demoulding by means of mechanical system without membranes (PATENTED).
  • Restart: device composed of a rotating container, which is places under the doser after a machine stop, in order to put the thermal conditions of the nozzles in operation.

Controls of the machine by means of colour touch screen: software with manual and automatic menu.
Fast colour change; moulds cleaning at colour change is not needed.
Stick perfection. Stick shape and logos according to the customer’s requirements.

On request, we can supply:

  • Automatic turning down system of the sticks in the cases
  • Mobile remelting group
  • Air heater for soft moulds in the upper part (blower)
  • Bullet checking system
  • Automatic loading system of the empty cases
  • Automatic turning up system of the empty cases
  • 2 colours dosing system for SWIRL and MARBLED lipsticks
  • Ink-jet or laser printer
  • Labelling equipment
  • Sleeve application system

No water consumption.


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